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Users have fast access to  CamScanner Free APK download for paper documents that are clear and succinct. This application makes beautiful paper goods with just one scan. helps format handwriting, trim extra hinges, and reformat it for clarity. Additionally, users have the option of selecting their preferred text color. Additionally, you have the freedom to decide on the format in which you want to save. By carefully adjusting the light and shade, this program allows users to submit paper documents with images without worrying about their security.

camscaner feature
camscaner feature apk

CamScanner Features.

Rapid document digitization
Simply scan and digitize paper documents like business cards, certifications, whiteboard discussions, invoices, and notes using the camera on your phone.
Boost Scan Quality
The letters and images in scanned documents are clear and sharp with excellent colors and resolutions thanks to intelligent cropping and auto-enhancing.
Remove Texts from an Image
OCR (optical character recognition) technology extracts text from document images for later searching, altering, or sharing.

Send PDF and JPEG files.
Simple methods for sending papers to friends in PDF or JPEG format include posting to social media, emailing attachments, or providing download links.
Documents for AirPrint and Fax
Use AirPrint to instantly print any document from CamScanner to a nearby printer; choose documents to directly fax to over 30 countries from the app.
Professional Document Editing
Utilize a full complement of editing tools to add annotations to documents. Additionally, applying personalized watermarks is an option for marking your documents CamScanner Free APK download.

Except for 10GB of cloud storage and other credit-based/server-side functionality, unlocked premium features.
Emptying the manifest’s offline version of any unnecessary receivers, actions, alerts, permissions, and other metadata
Multiple Languages Crashlytics and Analytics deactivated; logging turned off.
All issues with device cropping have been fixed.
The app won’t have an internet connection if it is in offline mode.

CamScanner users scan and manage.

Contract, Tax Roll, Bill, Invoice, and Business Card…
Memo, script, letter, whiteboard
Note, PPT, Book, Article, Blackboard
Identity documents, credentials, and certificates…


Small bugs have been fixed to improve the user experience.


Unlocked paid features save for 10GB of cloud storage and all credit-based/server-side capabilities.
Removing unused receivers, activities, alarms, permissions, and other metadata from the manifest (offline version)
Numerous Languages
Analytics / Crashlytics disabled; logging disabled.
All device cropping issues have been resolved.
Offline version: The app won’t have internet connection.

The Many Faces of CamScanner.

CamScanner serves a wide spectrum of users from different businesses and professions. Here are some examples of how the software helps various groups:



CamScanner Premium Subscription Service.

OCR (Image to Text, Word, and Excel Conversion)
Batch PDF file download in web application
Share the downlink to a secure document with others.
The maximum number of collaborators should be increased by 40.
Boost the 10G cloud space
Name Mode Scan
Eliminate any advertisements or watermarks
a combination of two distinct documents
Digital Signature Book Mode Scan.

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