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About Infinite Lagrange APK MOD

Infinite Lagrange APK MOD, With a massive transportation system, the Lagrange System, we have expanded our presence into one-third of the Milky Way. Diverse forces are battling to gain control of the Lagrange System and make their mark in the universe. This mobile strategy game will take you to the stars of the universe! As you become a leader of a force, you are faced with challenges and opportunities. Your fleet is the first to venture into space, where war or sabotage could be in store. Do you want to accomplish something great in the space or return to safety at home?

Infinite Lagrange APK MOD
Infinite Lagrange APK MOD

key Feature

Infinite: From 0 to a new level

You have two frigates and a small town to take into the unknown galaxy. Expand your territory and base through mining, construction, and trade. You can also improve ship-building technologies and gain more power in intergalactic space.

Customized Weapon Systems

If you want to explore your creativity, you can even upgrade and modify the weapon systems on each ship. You are responsible for maximizing the potential of your fleet.

Boundless Ship Combos

Spore Fighter Destroyer The Great Battlecruiser Solar Whale Carrier …… There’s no telling what you can create with your ingenious imagination.

Battles in Space: Realistic Massive Battles

A well-planned ambush in a space battle can cause serious damage to the enemy fleet. You can also choose to use your fleet to protect major thoroughfares. If a major battle occurs, it could result in a large no-fly area.

Venture Deep into Uncharted Space

You will be able to set up your base in a corner of the Milky Way and enjoy a view. Beyond that, the space is vast and unknown. You will be sending your fleet into the dark frontiers, where anything is possible. What will you find besides stars?

Interact with Interstellar Forces

Forces are occupying parts of the galaxy. Sending ships to them will help you achieve your goals. You can also cooperate with them and prosper or occupy their airspace. You can choose from a variety of unknown quests. What would you do?

Allies are needed

It is a society that is dynamic, and where conflict and cooperation occur every day. Join global players or form an alliance. Spread faith and expand territory across the galaxy. You’ll enter a vibrant universe, where you can choose to strike for prosperity through diplomacy.

The 3D graphics are as good as any blockbuster. This time you are the leader in an enchanting universe.



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Infinite Lagrange APK MOD
Infinite Lagrange APK MOD

What’s new in the latest version 1.2.388375

Last updated Oct 19, 2023

All-star systems now have new features and adjustments:
1. Sci-Fi Carnival has officially been released.
2. A return point has been added. The docking points of fleets will be marked as return points. Fleets may choose to retreat to either the base or the return point.
3. Multiple fleets can all be selected when disbanding a fleet at the base.
4. The Star System Agreement now includes the Star System Limited Techs for the current Star system.

More Game Information

Latest version  Request Infinite Lagrange Update 1.2.388375

require android  Android 4.1+

FAQs Infinite Lagrange APK MOD

1. What is the ultimate goal of infinite Lagrange?

Infinite Lagrange has been put on Steam. There are many forces vying to control the Lagrange System.

2. How many operations can you perform in an infinite Lagrange?

Six operations you can perform

3. What is infinite Lagrange?

The game’s main paradigm revolves around the servers (aka system) where the play takes place. Players discover the system, it opens, they build their bases and fleets, compete to earn ratings according to the rating criteria that they signed, and then travel there.

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