Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK  is the official app of the renowned Merriam-Webster dictionary, considered one of the most trusted and respected dictionaries in the English language. Optimized for Android devices, it offers a comprehensive and convenient way to reference words, build vocabulary, and learn about the English language.

Key features of Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked):

Vast dictionary of Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked):

  • Access definitions for millions of words, including the latest additions and updates.

Offline access:

  • Use the app even without an internet connection, thanks to the ability to download the full dictionary for offline use.

Word games:

  •  Make learning fun with new word games like “Word of the Day” and “Vocabulary Builder“.

Synonyms and antonyms:

  •  Find alternative words and their opposites to enhance your writing and expression.

Example sentences:

  •  Understand how words are used in context with real-world examples.

Voice search:

  •  Look up words quickly and easily by speaking them.

Favorites and history:

  • Keep track of frequently searched words and revisit them later.

Subscription option of Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked):

  • Remove ads and unlock premium features like audio pronunciations and advanced search options.

Overall, the Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to:

  • Improve their vocabulary and understanding of the English language.
  • Find accurate and up-to-date definitions for any word.

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK

  • Learn new words and have fun in the process.

Here are some additional things to consider in Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked):

  • The app is free to download and use, but there are ads supported by a paid subscription option to remove them and unlock additional features.
  • The app has received positive reviews from users, with an average rating of 4.4 stars on the Playstore.
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive and reliable dictionary app, the Dictionary Merriam-Webster is a great option to consider.

I hope this introduction is helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Core Features of Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Features (as of February 4, 2024):

Vast dictionary:

Millions of words with definitions, including the latest additions and updates in Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK.

Offline access in

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK (Premium Unlocked):

  • Download the full dictionary for use without an internet connection.

Synonyms and antonyms:

  •  Find alternative words and their opposites.

Example sentences:

  •  Understand word usage in real-world contexts.

Favorites and history:

  •  Track frequently searched words for easy revisit.

Voice search:

  •  Look up words quickly and conveniently by speaking them.

Word of the Day:

  •  Learn a new word every day with definitions and examples.

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK

Vocabulary Builder games:

  •  Make learning fun with interactive quizzes and challenges.

Additional Features (with subscription):

Ad-free experience:

  •  Enjoy the app without interruptions from ads.

Audio pronunciations:

  •  Hear how words are spoken correctly.

Advanced search options:

  • Filter results by part of speech, origin, and more.

Integrated Thesaurus:

  •  Explore synonyms and antonyms in more detail.

Word puzzles and crosswords:

  • Engage in brain-teasing word games.

Other Noteworthy aspects:

  1. Free to download and use with basic features.
  2. Subscription unlocks premium features for an enhanced experience.
  3. Highly rated on the Playstore with an average of 4.4 stars.
  4. Regular updates ensure access to the latest words and features.

However, I can share some of the latest updates from January 2024:

New Words addition:

  • In December 2023, Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK added 690 new words to its online dictionary, reflecting the constantly evolving nature of language. These included terms like “cryptocurrency,” “metaverse,” “non-fungible token (NFT),” “BIPOC,” “cancel culture,” and “deepfake.” You can find a sample of these additions on their website: Apkmb.Info

App Updates:

  • The Android app received an update on November 2nd, 2023. However, the specific changes or improvements mentioned were not publicly disclosed.

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK

Other Updates:

  • There haven’t been any major announcements about significant feature additions or website design changes from Merriam-Webster recently.


  • To stay updated on the latest dictionary additions and features, you can:
    • Follow Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK
      on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Sign up for their email newsletter
    • Visit their website and blog for occasional updates

Beyond the Basics: Diving Deeper into Merriam Webster

While I previously covered the core features and recent updates, here are some additional details about Dictionary Merriam-Webster:

History and Reputation:

  • Founded in 1831, it boasts a rich heritage as one of the most respected and trusted dictionaries in the English language.
  • Renowned for its scholarly approach, meticulous research, and commitment to inclusivity in their word selection.
  • Features the “Word of the Year” selection, highlighting a word capturing the current zeitgeist.

Content and Resources:

  • Extends beyond just definitions, offering pronunciations, etymologies, synonyms, antonyms, usage examples, and even grammar guidance.
  • Provides specialized dictionaries for legal, medical, scientific, and other specific fields.
  • Offers educational resources like quizzes, word games, and “learn a word a day” features, making language learning interactive and engaging.

Accessibility and Customization:

  • Accessible on various platforms, including web, Android, iOS, and even has integrations with smart speakers and virtual assistants.
  • Offers offline access by downloading dictionaries within the app.
  • Provides customization options like changing text size, font, and dark mode preference.

Community and Engagement:

  • Active social media presence, fostering discussions and sharing interesting language facts.
  • Offers a blog with insightful articles on etymology, word usage, and the evolution of language.
  • Holds live events and conferences, connecting with language enthusiasts and scholars.

Criticisms and Considerations:

  • Some consider it less playful or “fun” compared to other dictionary apps.
  • The subscription model for premium features might deter some users.
  • Occasional criticisms regarding specific word selections or definitions.


Dictionary Merriam-Webster offers a comprehensive and reliable resource for language learners and enthusiasts alike. Its commitment to scholarship, inclusivity, and accessibility makes it a valuable tool for understanding and using the English language effectively.

I hope this detailed exploration provides a deeper understanding of Dictionary Merriam-Webster! Feel free to ask any further questions you might have.

Comparing Dictionary to Other Options: 10 Key Points

Scope and Authority:

Merriam-Webster is known for its vast and meticulously researched word coverage, with a strong focus on American English. Others like Oxford English Dictionary (OED) offer even broader historical coverage, while Collins focuses on British English.

Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK

Accessibility and Pricing:

Merriam-Webster offers a free app with basic features and a paid subscription for premium options. They are readily available on various platforms. and Oxford American Dictionary have similar structures, while OED is mainly subscription-based.

Target Audience:

Merriam-Webster caters to a general audience with a scholarly bent. Learners might prefer Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, while visual learners might enjoy Merriam-Webster Unabridged Visual Dictionary.

Special Features:

Merriam-Webster offers word games, “Word of the Day,” and integrates with voice assistants. OED delves deeper into etymology, while Collins offers verb conjugations and audio pronunciations across dialects.

Tone and Style:

Merriam-Webster focuses on clear and concise definitions, while OED uses more scholarly language and extensive quotations. Collins leans towards practical usage information.


Merriam-Webster emphasizes inclusivity in word selection and representation, aiming to reflect contemporary language use. Others like American Heritage Dictionary also prioritize inclusivity, while some face critiques for bias.

Offline Access:

Most dictionaries offer offline access with downloaded content. However, OED’s offline version requires additional purchase.

Community and Engagement:

Merriam-Webster has an active social media presence and educational resources. Collins engages with educators, and OED holds conferences and research collaborations.

Criticism and Controversy:

Every dictionary faces occasional criticism regarding specific word choices or definitions. Merriam Webster Dictionary MOD APK inclusivity efforts sparked some debate, while OED’s historical focus may not reflect current usage.

Personal Preference:

Ultimately, the best dictionary depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like content, accessibility, features, and target audience when making your choice.

Remember, no single dictionary is perfect, and exploring different options can enhance your understanding and appreciation of the ever-evolving language.

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