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Call of Duty, a first-person shooter videogame based on id Tech 3 was released on the 29th of October 2003. Infinity Ward developed the game, which was published by Activision. The game simulates World War II infantry and combined weapons warfare.

You shouldn’t miss this popular action game.
You will be immersed in the different types of battles such as team or solo mode.
– Customization of weapons: Players are able to customize their weapons, from the barrels up to the rear grips with maximum damage.
– Daily coins and seasonal rewards: You will receive a lot of coins each day.
New versions of the game are released at the right time.

1. Apocalypse is the new MP map
2. MP Optimization
3. New MP modes
4. New functional weapon – ODEN
5. New Ranked Series

Play the classic first-person shooter right from your fingertips. Join the fight in your battle gear!

Call of Duty Mobile – Garena is back with more action! 


Call Of Duty Garena
Call Of Duty Free Download MOD APK Latest Version

[(New Map Apocalypse )]
Mysterious clues lead soldiers to the enemy stronghold. This time, soldiers must fight through a complex rainforest environment.

New Map
The team follows clues to the jungles of Laos. We raided a cartel’s jungle stronghold. Soldiers within the stronghold of an enemy must beware. Danger lurks in this jungle.

Try out the new map Apocalypse.

[(New Mode)]
Guns Blazing Mode returns
Two super warriors fight each other in a new mode, with increasing rage! The players gain rage when they die or get a bonus kill streak score. The super warrior status can be obtained when the rage bar reaches its maximum. The super warrior status will give players higher health bars, and dual-wielding death machines.

NEW Feature About Call Of Duty

Minimap Customization
Press the minimap for a long time to see the full-size map. Release to close.

Performance Updates
Bullet Trajectory Optimizer
Information is now easily accessible and can be obtained by observing the bullet trajectory.

Call Of Duty-Free Download MOD APK Latest Version



1-Codm Garena can I play on PC?

Yes. Codm Garena is available on both PC and mobile. PC users can also experience the same intense battles as mobile users.

2-Can we play Codm Garena in India?

Negative. Only Australia, Canada, and Peru are able to play the game.

3-Is Call of Duty Mobile Garena online?

No. Codm Garena is an online first-person shooting game.

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