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Data Restore Tool for Android(Premium Unlocked)

About Data Restore Tool

Data Restore Tool, a powerful, user-friendly solution, is designed to help businesses and individuals recover accidental or lost data from various storage media, including hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and more. This innovative tool is compatible with a variety of file types, including photos, videos, and audio files. This Tool has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface that allows users of any skill level to recover lost data quickly and easily. The recovery process is a step-by-step guide that guides the user through the selection of the storage device, the scanning for recoverable data, and finally restoring the desired files. This is a handy tool that allows you to transfer data from an Android device. Connect the device to a cord compatible with your Android device and proceed to transfer any files you choose.


Data Restore Tool for Android(Premium Unlocked)


Its tool supports a variety of file types, including documents (DOCX, PDFs, XLSs, etc.) and images.  images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc. ), audio files (MP3, WAV, etc. Video files (MP4, AVI, etc.) and audio files (MP3, WAV, etc.). Data Restore Tool While setting up the device, users can transfer apps, photos and ______ through a cloud backup or cable . Currently, the PlayStore version of the app is 1.0. According to reports, 382048734 could allow users to copy the history and chats of WhatsApp from an iPhone onto an Android device.

Preview and Selective Recover:

Restore Tool allows the user to preview recoverable files before initiating the process. This ensures that the user can verify the quality and content of the data prior to restoration. This is the best data restore tool app for Android. The feature allows users to recover certain files selectively, saving both time and space.

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What’s new in the latest version 1.0.561073583

Last updated Sep 14, 2023

A new experience to restore content using either a cloud or cable backup.

Latest Version  1.0.561073583

Requires Android  Android 9.0+

FAQ About Data Restore Tool.

This Restore Tool is compatible with all devices?

Yes. Yes. It can be used on Windows/Mac computers with USB connectivity.

How do I download the Restore tool on Android?

APK Pure provides fast, free, and safe downloading.

ThisTool is safe to use?

APK Pure provides a fast, free, and safe download of the Data Restore Tool.

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