FPS Snipper shooting game

FPS Sniper Shooting APK MOD(premium Unlocked)

About FPS sniper shooting

FPS Sniper Shooting APK, Shooting games with sniper missions in special ops.IGI Production Facility Fire Cover Strike mission. This free-action game requires you to survive surgical attacks with a sniper rifle. As a special ops agent, you will be required to perform complex fps missions. This free sniper action fps will have you fighting waves of the 3D army of enemy soldiers. You are a special ops on an extremely difficult sniper mission. Your goal is to survive each strike. A first-person shooter (FPS) sniper shooting game typically involves players assuming the role of a skilled sniper, using precision and stealth to eliminate targets from a distance. Players navigate realistic environments, employ sniper rifles for long-range shots, and often engage in solo or team-based missions. The game emphasizes accuracy, strategy, and timing, offering a challenging and immersive sniping experience for players.

In this online free-action shooting game, you can use ammunition such as assault rifles or sniper guns to infiltrate the base. Use your sniper guns to hit different targets in this fast-paced FPS action game. In this free online fps game, your goal is to eliminate the enemy’s ops as a sniper gaming specialist. 

snipper game
FPS Snipper shooting game APK

Features of FPS Sniper Shooting APK

– Best shooting fire fps with a realistic 3D environment

High-quality graphics and the best Special Ops sniper

Modern weapons for immersive first-person shooting games

Offline Shooter Game with Covert Mode

– Strategic missions that are competitive with different action modes

Cool music and sound effects

– Best shooting action first-person game

What’s new in Version 2.0.5?

Last updated on Oct 7, 2019

– Improved Gameplay
– Minor bug fixing

More Game Information

latest version    2.0.5

Android requires 4.4+


is a Snipper Shooting Game is an online?

yes snipper shooting game is an online.

Why its so famous ?

Due to its graffic and run smoothly

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