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INTRODUCTION OF Hello Neighbor Nicky’s mod apk

Hello Neighbor Nicky’s mod apk game was created just for mobile devices and is called Hello Neighbor: Nicky’s Diaries. Some claim he is a murderer and that he uses his cellar to hide kidnapped children. You only know that he is your neighbor; the rest is up to you to discover what else he might be concealing. Nicky’s Diaries chronicles her thorough investigation into Mr. Peterson’s hidden agenda. You Can Also Download theGangstar Vegas MOD APK .

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There are plenty of riddles ahead.

You must use artifacts buried around the area and solve complex puzzles to uncover the truths of Nicky’s history. Disable the motion detectors surrounding the doors, slip past CCTV cameras, and make do with a variety of gadgets at your disposal.

Arm yourself Hello Neighbor Nicky’s mod apk

Hello Neighbor Nicky’s mod apk To go to higher vantage points, use JUMP BOOTS; to find the neighbor and sneak past him, use X-RAY GLASSES; to deactivate traps, use EMP devices; and finally, no Neighbor game would be complete without hurling jugs of glue.

Get ready for basement work.

There’s more in the basement than meets the eye, so inhale deeply and get ready before you enter.

Play the video game Hello Neighbor

In the video game Hello Neighbor Nicky’s, the player moves into an old apartment across the street from an enigmatic neighbor who acts strangely and appears to be hiding something in his basement. In order to obtain the materials required to open and access the neighbor’s basement, the player must investigate the specifics of his flat and go through a number of challenges. The player must avoid being noticed by the mystery neighbor while they investigate the neighbor’s home; otherwise, they will be pursued and, should they fail to conceal or flee quickly enough, they will be apprehended. To make their getaway easier, the player can stun their neighbor by flinging objects at him. Should the player be discovered or suffer a significant injury on the main point), they will be forced to return to their own home and force another break-in. The player has to exercise greater caution when they restart since the neighbor will infer moves from the previous effort to place traps.[8] To prevent the neighbor from laying these traps and to make him less aggressive in his pursuits, the player can activate the “friendly” neighbor option through the game’s settings. He should still be avoided at all costs, though.[9]

Acts 1, 2, 3, and Finale comprise the four sections of the game. The game is played in first person, and in order to interact with some items, the player must aim a reticle at them.

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Storyline Hello Neighbor Nicky’s mod apk


While chasing a ball down the street, Nicky Roth, a young boy, hears screams coming from Aaron Peterson’s house, his neighbor. When Nicky looks into it, he finds Mr. Peterson keeping someone in his basement. Nicky enters the house covertly, locates the basement key, and goes inside.

Second Act

When Nicky breaks free from his cell and makes it to the surface, he discovers that Mr. Peterson has erected a tall fence around his property to keep people from leaving. In order to get off Mr. Peterson’s property, Nicky has to figure out a number of puzzles. He runs back to his house after he crosses the fence, and Mr. Peterson does not pursue him.


After being kicked out of his apartment years later, Nicky, now an adult, chooses to move back to his former family home. His hometown ultimately met its untimely end. He discovers that the house is in poor condition, and Mr. Peterson’s house is reduced to a heap of rubble. After investigating the ruins and returning home, Nicky discovers an old photo of himself as a child. He is haunted by a dark shadow-like creature known as “The Thing” during this time.


After emerging from the basement, Nicky ends his life while attempting to use a giant Mr. Peterson as a prop to enter a house on his back. Once that’s done, he has to defend a younger version of himself from “The Thing,” a huge, dark, and shadowy figure. As Nicky defends his younger self from The Thing’s attacks, he gets bigger until he can take on The Thing. Following The Thing’s defeat, Nicky spots Mr. Peterson living in a modest two-room home. He desperately runs to the window to ask for help when he sees Nicky, but he turns away and shrugs his shoulders in despair. There is a much smaller Thing in the other room. Mr. Peterson has exited the building.

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A nightmare

The majority of Act 3 and the game’s finale are hinted to be a nightmare that Nicky is experiencing in his mind, and his escape from the house represents his ultimate acceptance of his abduction by Mr. Peterson when he was a child. Nonetheless, the game’s creator, Nikita Kolesnikov, affirmed that nothing in the game is a dream.


The Hello Neighbor project began development in 2014. In 2015, Dynamic Pixels released an alpha build of the game on their website. Later, the Steam Greenlight program authorized it for sale as an early access game, and a Kickstarter campaign was started to raise money for additional development. Later, the studio and tinyBuild came to an agreement for the project’s funding and publication. On September 29, 2016, the game’s Pre-Alpha version was made available. On October 26, 2016, the Hello Neighbor’s Alpha 1 version was made available. November 22, 2016, was the release date of Alpha 2. The release date of Alpha 3 was December 22, 2016. On May 4, 2017, Alpha 4 was made available.

The standalone sequel Hello Neighbor 2 (formerly known as Hello Guest, codename Late Night Shift) began development in 2019. Secret Neighbor’s teasers had sparked rumors about a potential new game.

Acceptance OF Hello Neighbor Nicky’s mod apk

Total score
Aggregator Rating
Critical Analysis MetacriticPC: 38/100 [35]
XONE: 42 out of 100 [36]
39/100[37] NS
Examine the results.
Score for Publication
3.75/10 on Game Informer [42]
GameSpot 3/10 [40]
IGN~4.1/10 [38]
Nintendo Life [43]
Official Xbox Magazine (United Kingdom)3/10 on the PC US Gamer 38/100[41]
Square Push [39]
Critics gave the game mixed reviews overall, praising the story and artwork while criticizing the gameplay, control system, and technical performance. Metacritic, a review aggregator, reports that Hello Neighbor has “generally unfavorable reviews” across the board.

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