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About Melon Sandbox

Melon Sandbox APK  allows players to create, customize, and interact with objects and characters in a 3D Melon Playground. Weapons, sculptural buildings, architectural structures… Let your imagination go wild! Create interesting simulation scenarios to entertain yourself. Create, manipulate, and destroy objects. Create, interact, and customize characters.

Melon Game
Melon Sandbox APK

Key Feature

The realistic physics engine allows players to enjoy realistic simulations. Melon Sandbox will satisfy those who want to create beautiful and interesting scenes, interact with characters in a realistic simulation world, or even build innovative objects. Melon Sandbox, with its realistic physics and dynamic environment, brought hilarious fun to Melon Simulation Series fans. It offers many fun and interesting features that players can use in different ways.

About Characters

The game starts with dozens of characters. Each character can interact differently with objects and environments. You only need to place them in the environment, and then watch.

What custom options does the system offer?

Character customization should be the most exciting feature of characters.

Three aspects are available for character customization-appearance-behavior-attribute

Create your own unique characters and customize them to your liking!

What else can you do?

Characters can be used in many different ways.

Melon Sandbox allows you to destroy, cut, blast, punch, and shoot characters. Create your own characters, play with them, and see what happens!

Melon Sandbox APK
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About Objects

Weapons and tools are available to build, collect, destroy, and manipulate.

Each player’s personal inventory is where they store their props, collectibles, weapons, and other items.

You can find and collect weapons in the wild, including:




Better Feature

You can’t just collect weapons from players or grab them off the ground. You can create your own melee weapons if the items you buy in the shop do not suit you. Make powerful weapons with your imagination and have fun!

You can build anything from small objects and characters to large structures and scenarios.

Build your dream structures and unleash your imagination in this virtual simulation world!

Share your funny moments and snaps with your friends.

What’s new in Version 19.0?

Last updated Oct 24, 2023

Update 19.0 is now available!
– Disable the “Intent” feature
Stability and Performance Improvements

More Game Information

latest Version  19.0

require android  6.0

Melon Sandbox APK
Melon Sandbox APK version

Melon Sandbox FAQ

1-What is Melon Playground?

This app allows you to create music by creating beats, recording sounds and instruments, and mixing tracks with effects.

2-How do I create my own Melon Playground beat?

You can import your own samples or choose from the included drum kits. Use the step sequencer for rhythms, and to adjust parameters such as tempo, swing, and velocity.

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