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About Mobile Legend: Bang Bang:

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang: APK Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) has become immensely popular in Southeast Asia. Join your friends for a 5v5 MOBA battle against real humans. Create the perfect team by selecting your favorite heroes with your friends. Enjoy 10-second matchmaking, and 10-minute battles, with tower rushing, laning, juggling, and all the excitement that PC MOBAs have to offer. This 2017 mobile eSports masterpiece allows you to crush your competitors using clever moves and strategies, and claim the title of strongest challenger. Are you prepared to fight


Mobile Legend:Bang Bang
Mobile Legend: Bang Bang APK

Classic MOBA Arena Battles

Take part in epic 5v5 combat with real players on three lanes. Human versus human combat will bring you back to the original MOBA experience.

Boost Team Co-operation With Strategies

Use teamwork and strategic planning to outwit your opponents. You can choose from a variety of heroes including tanks, mages, and marksmen to help your team win in Mobile Legend:Bang Bang APK

Be Fair and Perform Well

Mobile Legends offers a real competitive gaming experience, as it does not require hero training and there are no paid statistics. In this platform of balanced competitive gaming, only skill and ability determines the winners and losers.

Intuitive game control

You can play the game using just two fingers thanks to the virtual joystick and skill buttons located on the right. Auto-locking and target-sifting ensure that you don’t miss a shot. The tap-to-equip system lets you focus on the excitement of the battle.

Play 10 Minutes

Matchmaking in 10 Seconds, Battles lasting 10 Minutes: Forget about long waiting times. Matchmaking only takes 10 seconds, and the battles are over within 10 minutes. Immerse yourself in intense action, and enjoy thrilling victories anywhere.

Smart AI Assist with

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang has a robust reconnection feature that ensures dropped connections are quickly fixed, allowing players to rejoin the action in just seconds. AI controls offline characters to ensure that your team is not at a disadvantage.

This game features high-quality graphics, easy-to-master controls, and unique historical and mythical heroes for a captivating gaming experience. Play with seamless gameplay using a strong WiFi connection. This will prevent network latency, which could cause your hero’s character to fall in battle. Join the action by downloading Mobile Legends Bang Bang from APKPure.


*Bang Bang, a MOBA with in-game purchases.

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to play Search Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang latest

What’s new in the latest version

Last updated Oct 19, 2023

1. Nolan, Cosmic Wayfinder: [New Hero]
2. Lolita the Steel Elf, a re-vamped hero has returned.
3. New Main Interface: Interactive content is waiting for you on the new Main Interface.
4. [New Season] S30 will begin on 9/23/2023, at 02:00.00 (Server Time).
5. [7th Anniversary Celebration] The 7th Anniversary Celebration begins on 9/23/2023, at 00.00:00 (Server Time).

More Game Information of Mobile Legend: Bang Bang

Latest Version

Require Android  Android 4.2+

FAQ OF Mobile Legend:Bang Bang APK

1-Can I play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

You can use BlueStacks to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC.

2-Can I play Mobile Legends Bang Bang against my friends?

Yes. Invite your friend to a custom game where you can both choose heroes and compete on a private map.

3-What is the purpose of emblems in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, emblems serve a crucial purpose in enhancing a hero’s abilities and attributes

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