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About My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APKĀ  created by Outfit7 Limited, you can play games and tend to a virtual pet cat called Tom and his pals. You may personalize Tom and his pals in the game by giving them new looks, furnishing their houses, and engaging in several minigames. In addition, you may play games, feed Tom and his pals, and assist them with everyday chores to engage with them. You can get My Talking Tom Friends for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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  • A fun-filled closet full of outfits
  • Crazy food responses
  • Sports and artistic pursuits for all
  • Collectible toys, stickers, and coins
  • daily excursions into the city
  • fresh surprises and minigames
  • A fun-filled closet full of outfitsYou can change the clothes that Tom and his companions wear in My Talking Tom companions. In the game, by tapping on the wardrobe icon in Tom’s room, you can open the closet full of interesting outfits. From there, you may select the accessories and clothes you want to wear on Tom and his pals by browsing through a wide selection. To design your style, you can even alter the colors of the clothing. There are many various clothing to pick from in the game, such as formal attire, casual wear, and costumes for special events. For Tom and his pals, you can mix and match various elements to create your unique look.My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK

Crazy food responses My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK

When you give Tom and his friends different kinds of food, they can react wackily to it, as shown in My Talking Tom Friends. For instance, Tom may begin to perspire and fan himself if you serve him spicy food, such as chili peppers. Give him something sweet, like ice cream, and he may begin to sing and dance. In the game, every meal variety has a distinct reaction, and by leveling up and finishing objectives, you can unlock additional foods. All you have to do is tap on the food icon in each of Tom’s friends’ rooms and select what kind of food to feed them. Then observe their amusing and fascinating reactions.

Sports and artistic pursuits for all

You can engage in a range of imaginative and athletic activities with Tom and his pals in My Talking Tom Friends. Baking, music-making, and painting are a few creative pursuits. Tap on the respective icons in Tom’s room to access these activities. For instance, tapping the paintbrush icon will launch the painting mini-game if you want to paint with Tom. You can make artwork in the painting minigame by selecting various colors and brushes.

can also engage in a variety of athletic pursuits with Tom and his buddies, such as basketball, soccer, and golf. You can access these activities by tapping Tom’s room’s sports symbol.

Collectible toys, stickers, and coins.

While playing My Talking Tom Friends, you can gather different toys, stickers, and cash. You can access Tom’s toy box by tapping on the icon in Tom’s room, where toys are kept. You can gather various items from the toy box, including action figures, balls, and cuddly animals. As you advance through the game and accomplish objectives, you can unlock new toys.

Completing missions and reaching specific game milestones will earn you stickers. By touching on Tom’s room’s sticker book symbol, you can see the stickers you’ve gathered. Several stickers are included in the sticker book so you can customize and embellish Tom’s room as you see fit.

You can buy things in My Talking Tom Friends with coins, a sort of in-game money. By doing activities, leveling up, and engaging in minigames, you can earn coins. Through in-app purchases, you may also buy coins with real money. Tapping on the coin icon in the upper right corner of the screen will allow you to see your current coin balance.

daily excursions into the city
You can go on everyday outings with Tom and his buddies to the town in My Talking Tom Friends. Tapping on the town icon in Tom’s room will take you to the town in the game. You may engage with the residents and explore a range of areas when you visit the town. By assisting the characters with their issues, you may also finish tasks and receive rewards. My Talking Tom Friends’ Town is an entertaining and engaging feature that offers Tom and his pals something to do.

fresh surprises and minigames.

Regular updates bring surprises and new minigames to My Talking Tom Friends. New minigames, costumes, and accessories for Tom and his pals, as well as new spots to explore and people to talk to in the town, can all be included in these upgrades. You must update the game to the most recent version to access the new content. To accomplish this, visit Google Play or the App Store and look for updates. You’ll receive a notification encouraging you to download the update when it becomes available. To access all of the new material in the game, follow the instructions to download and install the update.

My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK


Play the brand-new cooking mini-game to prepare the pals’ favorite dishes! After selecting one of four recipes, cut the ingredients and bake. Feed the pals and enjoy the flavor when they’re ready. Earn awards for every mouthwatering meal!

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