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Pickle Pete MOD APK

Pickle Pete: In the game Survivor, you shoot from above, and the screen fires on autopilot. There are numerous options for firearms. Use every weapon and maneuver your pickle has, including evading and other unique abilities, to repel groups of adversaries.



Pickle Pete MOD APK The world has turned dark, and our hero needs to figure out how to withstand the onslaught of evil forces in order to survive. Ascend, arm yourself, and craft an endless array of distinct configurations to outmaneuver your adversaries. Discover the remedy and preserve the planet!

Features include Pickle

Pickle Pete MOD APK is Several intense boss battles; – Extensive environments with distinct enemy dynamics for each biome; – A complex advancement system that unlocks new builds on each run; Very simple controls – A variety of game types to add some variety


  • Suburban
  • New main level
  • Brand
  • new merchandise
  • Detonating Sheep
  •  Cary Carrot, a new character
  • Duck Hunt, a guild feature
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  •  Cloud Save bug fix
  • Ultimatum bug fix Remote Control –
  • Bug patch for Wave 6 of Chapter 12

Pickle Pete MOD APK  is a roguelike game that plays like a reverse bullet hell and blends the outrageously chaotic gameplay of Brotato with Archero’s ongoing character development for an unexpectedly entertaining gameplay experience.The prehistoric Mesopotamians
The origins of pickles can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamians who soaked cucumbers in an acidic solution to preserve them over 4,000 years ago. Since then, they have been a mainstay in cultures all across the world, appreciated for their flavor, heartiness, and health advantages.

Any pickles that end up on the ground will be delivered to your pickle jar. Even though they might not be helpful right away, they will run out each time you gather a pickle in the following wave, doubling the value of each pickle until the quantity in your pickle jar is zero. This implies that pickles only need to be consumed once to be beneficial, even if you skip them.

Pickle Pete MOD APK  Gameplay

Playing Pickle Pete is fairly simple: just move around the map with the joystick while dodging oncoming enemies.

With every wave, enemies grow more formidable, so it’s critical to have a good arsenal of weapons.

You must fight off enemies at the beginning of the game, so be ready!

As you defeat enemies, pickles will fall from them. These pickles are necessary for you to move forward. Once you’ve defeated the first wave, you can use pickles to select your weapons for every subsequent wave.

After clearing a wave, you will be presented with a pop-up screen with three skills to select from. You can increase your damage, mechanical damage, and pick-up radius, among other things, with these skills.

In Pickle Pete, weapons might include pipe wrenches, batons, chainsaws, Molotov cocktails, and more. You can also select items that give you the ability to steal lives and boost your health statistics.

A new wave starts, and you can keep every weapon. You can equip a weapon if you come across one that you prefer to the ones you currently have equipped. You should be careful which slots you select because there are only so many available.

Simply choose the weapon you want to replace and click the recycle icon at the bottom to switch to a new one. Remember that there will be a specific quantity of pickles in



When you complete wave three on a stage, a supply chest will materialize in the screen’s center. To open this chest, wait for it to open while standing in the circle. In Pickle Pete, this chest holds a crucial weapon that could mean the difference between life and death!

Select one of the three available weapons to see how the gameplay changes. If two identical items are in your inventory at the time, you can combine them.

If available, it would be advised that you select a long-range. Watching an advertisement allows you to reroll the weapon selection. Just click on the video icon located at the bottom of your list of options.

By tapping the dodge icon on the left side of your screen, you can avoid an attack. This is useful if enemies are cornering you and you need to get away quickly.

Become The Master Pickle Pete: As you pass through stages, new features that let you advance in the game will become available. We’ll examine these in more detail below:

Gear: Level 2 unlocks
Other players understand the importance of equipment in any game! Pickle Pete is the same.



Pickle Pete

There is a rarity level for every gear item. The gear items are as follows:

  • Weapons
  • Hat
  • Chest
  • Boots
  • Back Gear

Your obtained designs are visible under the gear tab. With these designs, you can raise the caliber of your equipment. Be aware that changing your equipment won’t alter the rarity level; it will only affect the level and stats.

To increase the rarity level of your equipment, you must obtain three identical items. After that, click the anvil icon tab on the right to combine, sell, or reset your equipment’s leveled-up stats.


Unlocks As you advance, your character can gain strength thanks to Level 3 Talents. Coins can be used to upgrade talents.

Only after you have attained the necessary levels can you upgrade talents.

Pickle Pete’s shop offers items that players can buy to aid them in the game.

Real-time money can be used to buy these items, or gems and coins can be used to buy other items. These can be anything from opening chests to gear to getting more stuff.

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