Pomni Circus MOD APK

Pomni Circus MOD APK

Pomni Circus MOD APK The fantastic Pomni Digital Circus mod for Minecraft PE includes Caine and Jax as new characters!The Pomni Circus mod for Pocket Edition of Minecraft With the help of the Amazing Pomni Digital Circus addon, you can spice up the pixel world with new bosses and mobs. The game features over 15 of your favourite circus characters, along with exclusive skins, maps, and textures.

Pomni Circus MOD APK


You must take the following actions in order to install our crafty craft apps: Install the Pomni Digital Circus add-on first on your mobile device by downloading it from the app page. Next, open our block launcher and choose the mod you want from addons, maps, seeds, MC, mods, mini-games, skins, and mods. Click the install button, then wait a few seconds for the add-on to be installed and the multicraft game to open. Next, you’ll need to open the settings and choose the new add-on before you can start playing your pixel world with a brand-new, amazing mod!


You need to have Minecraft PE in order to use our apps, mods, addons, maps, McAddon, rtx shader, textures, and other apps!

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Her hair is medium black, straight, and short. Due to lighting, two small pieces of hair peek out from under her hat, and two locks of hair frame her face’s sides. Like Kaufmo, her costume is a clown’s, but it has more of a jester’s appearance than a circus clown’s.

Pomni  stylized

humanoid figure with short, slender limbs and a big head. Her skin is a flawless white, with faint blush-like marks beneath her eyes and thick black lines around her eyes that could be eyeliner. Her pupils are constantly changing, but they typically have a red and blue pinwheel pattern. She has asymmetrical eyelashes, with lashes on the top lid of her left eye and lashes on the bottom of her right eye. Her hair is medium black, straight, and short. Due to lighting, two small pieces of hair peek out from under her hat, and two locks of hair frame her face’s sides.

Like Kaufmo, her costume is a clown’s, but it has more of a jester’s appearance than a circus clown’s. She’s wearing a red and blue jumpsuit with round, puffy sleeves and shorts, yellow accents, cuffs, an undershirt, and an asymmetrical distribution of the red and blue colours in plain sections (for the torso portion) and stripes (for the sleeves and shorts). She has a matching two-armed, striped jester’s hat on her head, with tiny yellow bells perched on the ends of the hat’s arms. She is also wearing gloves; the right glove is red, and the left is blue. In contrast, her right shoe is blue and her left shoe is red

Pomni has a nervous, shy, and suspicious personality. She appears to be terrified and terrified of her situation in the pilot episode, giving in to denial and displaying symptoms of paranoia and delusion. She almost loses it when she realises she is trapped in The Amazing Digital Circus forever, almost to the point of abstraction, until Caine intervenes. She exhibits mild paranoia and seems to think she is having hallucinations when she finds the “exit”. Her appearance in the Digital Circus is a reflection of her personality; when she experiences increased fear or anxiety, animated scribbles take the place .


“Pomni” (Дoмни, the imperative form of the verb “помнить”) in Russian means “remember,” or more accurately, “don’t forget it/to.” It means “Hey, (x), remember to do (x)” in this context. and “Hey, do this, but remember what was in that tutorial video.”
Conversely, “Pomni” is similar to the Polish word “pomny,” which means “mindful” or “having something in consideration.”

  • “Pomni” (also “Помни”), a derivative of the verb “Помня”, also means “Remember” in Bulgarian. The usage of it in this context is “(x) remembers that.”
  • Pomni’s official 2D artwork and the official poster for the series are among the promotional materials released prior to the pilot’s trailer. She is slightly different in appearance from Pomni in the pilot’s trailer and all subsequent media.
  • Presumably because the design change was made after the 2D animation was finished, it is also evident in the 2D Pomni that appears in the Pilot’s end credits.
  • The only characters in the pilot to openly swear were Pomni and Zooble, albeit Caine edited them.
    Gooseworx disclosed that Pomni was originally intended to be a frog-like figure.
  • Her deadpan close-up and expression are reminiscent of Anti-spiral’s in 2007 sci-fi anime series Gurren Lagann, right before he’s about to get ready for battle against the other main characters.
  • Gooseworx verified that Pomni’s hair is intended to be black despite the fact that the lighting in most of the photos makes it appear dark brown.
  • Digital circus is Calling You - Apps on Google Play

What is the age of Ragatha?

Fandom | Ragatha | The SMG4/GLITCH Wiki |
In contrast to Pomni, Gooseworx stated that Ragatha had “learned her lesson” and declined to disclose her age. Nevertheless, she ultimately disclosed Ragatha’s age, which is thirty.

The first episode of The Amazing Digital Circus was derived from one of three presentations that YouTube animator Gooseworx made to Glitch Productions. The company then collaborated with Gooseworx to create a pilot episode.

Pitch asli acara ini mengusulkan gaya animasi similar to computer games from the 1990s. Gooseworx possesses a 2D animation screen, while Glitch Productions’ animators are able to convert the older work into a 3D format.The general manager of Glitch Productions, Jasmine Yang, stated that there is no plan for the event to be broadcast on any other streaming platform except YouTube. She also states that the inspiration for this stunt came from the short story “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.

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