Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK

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About Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK MOD

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK MOD, Sci-Fi first-person shooter online with players around the globe!A multiplayer FPS with a CYBERPUNK and sci-fi setting! The game takes place in a distant future when mankind has reached the limits of technology and has plunged into chaos. Players will engage in team PvP as classes such as Recruit, Saboteurs, Tanks, and Assaults! Each class has its own unique features and abilities.

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK
Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK

Key Feature:


Join your friends or other players to play together in a clan!


In-game you can choose from a wide range of weapons, including assault rifles and plasma machineguns as well as grenade launchers and laser machineguns! Each weapon is unique and has its own features.

Material Interaction

Universal gravity can slow down running speed, but low gravity allows players to jump high and far!


Use a personal flying device to conduct combat operations more quickly and efficiently.

Amazing 3D graphics

The 3D map and character modeling are excellent.

Optimization of weak devices

The game has been optimized for devices that have low technical specifications. Choose from different graphics for different phones.

Easy Controls

You won’t struggle to learn the interface and intuitive control!

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK
Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch

Two teams compete for dominance. The team that scores the most points at the end wins.


Free mode. You are fighting for yourself on the CYBERPUNK battlefield. The player who scores the most points at the end wins the round.


Doubled damage for a more realistic combat experience; For real pro players only!

Custom Game

Create your own game. Invite your friends to battle in your own game lobby!

More Features

Magnificent Graphics and Optimisation for Weak Devices!

Enjoy the best graphics and controls to immerse yourself in the future of online battles. Take the frontline in each battle.


Upgrade your character’s weapons, reloading time, armor, and movement. Each character has their own unique traits. Purchase additional gadgets such as mines, grenades, and medkits.


Daily, enter the game to get free gifts, quests, and tons of other free stuff!

Improve your equipment by completing daily quests!

The game is still in post-development. The support team is available to help you with any issues or bugs you encounter, as well as any ideas and requests you may have.


COMPANY Community:




What’s new in the latest version 1.11.0

Last Updated on Aug 5, 2019

New weapons
New Notification System
– A new system of news and reward
– We have switched to new servers for your comfort.
Improved matchmaking system to ensure the correct selection of players
– Improved visuals of certain weapons
We have redesigned the lighting on some maps
– Fixed crashes and bugs in the game. Tutorial reworked. Problems with entry to the game have been resolved

Infinity Ops Cyberpunk FPS APK

More Game Information

Latest version  1.11.0

Require android  Android 4.4+


1-Can Infinity Ops games be played offline?

Find critical strike infinity ops and eliminate real commando shooters. Shadowgun Legends must face the great challenges of infinity fps games. Fight with strength in low MB.

2-Can I play Infinity Ops multiplayer?

Multiplayer FPS set in a sci-fi and CYBERPUNK environment The game takes place in a distant future when mankind has reached the limits of technology and has fallen into chaos.
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